Homage to "Tales from the Loop" - die Print Edition

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In the middle of April 2020 during the first corona lockdown, I stumbled across the Amazon series "Tales from the Loop" with the wonderful soundtrack by Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan and was absolutely thrilled.

The series, based on the graphic novel by Simon Stalenhag, is set in a city surrounded by a gigantic loop - a kind of giant particle accelerator.

"The Loop ... was omnipresent. Our parents worked there. Emergency vehicles from the state energy plant ... monitored the roads and the airspace. Strange machines roamed the woods, clearings and fields. ..." (Tales from the Loop, Simon Stalenhag, Fischer Verlag 2020)

"The new Amazon series Tales from the Loop is quiet, slowly told and unobtrusive. But if you get involved, you'll discover a world full of wonders." (heise online / Fabian A. Scherschel)


Inspired by the imagery of the Amazon series and the music, I started working on a series of landscape shots in May 2020 that reinterpret them and are intended as a tribute to them. I was fascinated by the idea of starting from a concept, using photographic means and manipulations with Photoshop to create a different reality based on places that really exist. At first glance, the photographs appear almost staged - empty, deserted landscapes with technical-looking objects that look like abandoned artifacts or machines. The Project plays with the question of whether we can perceive a real, actual world with our sensory organs at all, or whether our perception is always manipulated by feelings, concepts etc. and is ultimately created in our brain.

However, the project is also set during the first lockdown of the corona pandemic. It therefore also reflects the surreal, not really tangible situation of the corona pandemic and the first lockdown - life as if behind an invisible wall. It thus also joins the ranks of free projects by colleagues whose series show deserted and orphaned inner cities, closed-off playgrounds or closed borders ...

And oops, maybe you have to have seen the series and especially the wonderful music by Philip Glass to be able to get something out of the pictures ... :):

Titelmotiv: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFS_93qK1qE)